Hi there! I'm Rebecca and I love color and beautiful patterns. I've been drawing, painting, and just plain ole' making all my life. In fact, I sewed my first quilt for my first apartment in college, nearly 15 years ago. Ok, now it's been a little over 15 years! Eep, time does fly doesn't it?

Though I loved making and art growing up, I chose to pursue non-art degrees and employment. Throughout working at a "real job", first as a teacher and then in the Health Sciences field, I always came back to art and making. Making quilts allowed me to explore colors and art in a safe, domestic way. That "safe" quilt making quickly turned into a passion I decided to pursue professionally. 

In my business and designs, I strive for classics inspiration, modern designs, and everyday living. Sometimes, traditional quilts get a bad rap, but the truth is I love traditional quilt patterns! I just call them the "classics". My designs are modern interpretations of the classic quilt patterns I love. Life is busy. We are busy people. And that's ok. We fit our creativity into our busy lives. A little here and a little there. My making style and designs are practical for everyday living.  

My husband and I, along with our 4 young children and 2 doggies, live in the St. Louis area. The kids are at such a fun age. We love spending time together as a family when we can. We enjoy baseball, October, spending time with family and friends, sleeping in, and movies. Someday we hope to travel the world together. 

For right now, "we" are a small team. Yes, "we" is mostly "me" with support from family and friends. But also my trusty wiener dog, Bruce Wayne, AKA The Dark Knight, or B Dubs. He's pretty cute. 

Even though I'm relatively new on the scene, my second book will be published in January of 2017. I've been featured in several magazines and podcasts, and had patterns published in magazines and various publications. My teaching offerings and schedule continues to grow. You can find me at QuiltCon and AQS Quilt Week, but I also teach at quilt guilds. 

I love the quilting and surface pattern industry and am hoping for BIG things! I hope you will stick around and join me on my journey. 

You can reach me by email: rebecca at bryanhousequilts dot com. 

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